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Why Life Cycle Management?

Life Cycle thinking and acting becomes of increasing importance for anyone who takes part in processes related to building, maintaining and operating civil structures and networks. After a period of industrialization in the past century, with huge developments of all kinds of large scale construction projects, society now faces new challenges. Economies have become largely dependent on these civil assets. But society is constantly changing and the existing built environment is getting obsolete. Technically and functionally ageing assets create risks to society. Also the environmental impact of our built environment becomes a major concern. At the same time cultural heritage needs to be preserved. Action is needed to preserve the environment for the next generations. Life-Cycle thinking is important for all partners in both construction and maintenance processes.

A new way of thinking

Life Cycle Management (LCM) deals with management of performance, risks and cost from life-cycle perspective, in a continuously changing environment. It’s necessary to implement LCM in civil engineering, in order to build a sustainable future, fit for future needs, resilient to expected and unexpected events, and cost effective over time. But there are yet many challenges to conquer. LCM is a topic where academics and practitioners need to take steps forward.  The IALCCE Workshop on Life Cycle Management  2019 brings world experts together to discuss recent progress and formulate future directions to Life Cycle Management in the field of Civil Engineering.

Workshop topics and focus points

During the LCM-workshop practitioners and scientist will exchange ideas and views on Life Cycle Management. Workshop means interaction, active listening, and also active discussion. On the workshop, we will discuss a limited set of ideas and solutions that may help to enhance life cycle cost, life cycle risk or life cycle performance on one of the seven themes:

  • Data & information
  • Environmental Impact
  • Resilience
  • Structural reliability
  • Durability
  • Systems & Networks
  • Organizations and Processes

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